From acclaimed actress JULIANNE MOORE and award-winning illustrator LEUYEN PHAM comes a delightful story of a little girl who's different . . .just like everybody else.

If you have freckles, you can try these things:

1) Make them go away. Unless scrubbing doesn't work.

2) Cover them up. Unless your mom yells at you for using a marker.

3) Disappear.

Um, where'd you go? Oh, there you are.

There's one other thing you can do:


Because after all, the things that make you different, also make you YOU!

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What People Are Saying

"It's a great book. …And you're going to love it!" - Al Roker, NBC's Today Show

"Freckleface Strawberry . . . has a sincere message about accepting differences that's neither clumsy nor cloying, as well as sharp illustrations by LeUyen Pham." - Parenting

"I was surprised and delighted by Freckleface Strawberry. ...The story is a love yourself flaws-and-all tale, but it's so cleverly executed that I don't balk at the lesson. ...Julianne Moore has succeeded in giving us a relatable, achievable Hollywood ending. Brava!" - Seattle Post Intelligencier

"Moore's story will charm readers of all ages and her message for children is simply learn to live with the things that you don't like about yourself, but make you distinct, and learn to love yourself" - The Sunday Republican

"Freckleface Strawberry is a lively and cute (but not cutesy) picture book." -

"Books by celebrities are often suspect. It's hard to say whether a best-seller is being scooped up because of its content or simply the name recognition of its famous author. Occasionally, however, a great title emerges. Freckleface Strawberry, Moore's debut children's book, proves more than worthy." - Capital Times

"A darling and delightfully illustrated laugh-out-loud story of a young girl learning to love the skin she's in." -

"An endearing picture book about a common childhood experience." - Children's Books for Parents and Teachers

"An appealing character. Her energetic and inquisitive friends provide entertainment, as well. Read this title along with Judy Blume's Freckle Juice for a look at both sides of this "spotty" subject." - SLJ

"Freckleface Strawberry speaks to our children about accepting differences and realizing that who you are and what you have to offer are your best assets. The fantastic illustrations by LeUyen Pham bring Freckleface to life, and as a parent who enjoys illustrations as much as my three year old I can't wait to read it with her." -

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